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Description of School Seal

aboutDescription of School Seal

There are 2 circles.  One within the other.  On the upper half of the outer circle is
written the name of the school in Thai “Wittayalay Technology Turakit Kan Ahan
Thai Lae Nanachat”.  On the lower half is written Yannawa District, BKK in Thai.

On the lower half of the inner circle is an image logo of the school’s name.
There are two golden Thai beams.  One on either side of the sign.  The symbol is
convex with a red background.  The white letters on the symbol are the Thai
abbreviation of the school name.  Beneath the side, round the inside edge of the inner
circle is the full name of the school in English, Thai &  International Food
Technological College.

Above the school’s name a Thai character wearing a chef’s uniform with raised hands holding a covered tray.The logo of the Thai character raising a tray with a concealed dish represents Thai food to interweave without boundaries with any cultures of other nations.  It is a symbol that our students who attended this academy are skilled and knowledgeable not only in Thai cooking but also in multi national cuisines. Groomed with good service mind, good cooking skills and able to interact with kitchen management to attain success in the future.

School Motto, Vision and Goal

          The TIFTEC Way

 Trust            Trust in the motto of School

Intelligence        Be wise and humble when working and solving problems

Focus            Be clear with goals you are working towards

Technology        Knows how to use technology in a good way

Emotional        Knows how to control emotions

Creativity        Be creative

        Our enterprising Team at TIFTEC trust ourselves in the school’s motto of being “Inspired With Determination With Innovative Drive To Present Thai Kitchen Globally Into The Future”. We will instill students with integrity, work with diligence and knowledgeable in solving work related problems.  Paving positive visions for our students to shine in the International work arena.

Administrative Strategy

“Inspired Determination With Innovative Drive to Present Thai Kitchen Globally
  Into The Future”.  “The Sky Is Our Limit”.


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